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Why choose Tandem Skydive UK (TSUK)...

Every customer at TSUK will receive an outstanding experience. We know this is probably going to be a once in a lifetime experience, so we do everything possible to make this a day to remember.


What is a Tandem Skydive?

They are designed to allow the public to see the world from a unique perspective and encompasses three completely difference experiences:

> A "relaxing" scenic flight whilst climbing to jump altitude (your personal instructor will show you the sights and wind you up!).

> Freefall, 30 seconds, 120mph this is sky diving! Adrenaline, there is nothing quite link freefall!

> The final element is a three to five minute parachute ride. This is total tranquility.


What is a Tandem Parachute Jump?

Parachute and Skydiving are the same thing. Here is a description of a typical experience:

You will receive a fifteen-minute explanation of the equipment and process by a fully qualified Instructor; he will then fit you into the equipment. When everyone is happy and fully kitted up to go you will board the aircraft.

The flight about twenty minutes. This allows you to enjoy the view and ask your instructor any random questions.

When it is your turn to skydive your instructor will move you into the door of the airplane then its freefall at one hundred and twenty mile per hour. This will last for a minimum of thirty second! This is a guaranteed way to raise you heart rate!

Your instructor will open the parachute for you. Once open everything goes quiet. You will have between three and five minutes flying under the tandem parachute before your skydive instructor lands back on the airfield.


Can anyone do a Tandem?

If you are over sixteen years old the simple answer is yes. However, as we are in the UK there are a couple of restrictions:

> Sixteen to eighteen year old's need parental consent before you can do a skydive.

> If you will be forty years old (or more) on the day of your jump you will need a special doctor’s medical (don't panic ask us for a medical form)

>The parachute equipment is designed to take a combined weight of thirty stones so between you and your instructor you must weight less than this therefore we set a weight limit of 15 stones!


Doing your bit for Charity.

TSUK offers you the chance to do a do a jump for the charity of your choice. From our experience members of the public are more likely sponsor people who do activities that are unusual. Charity Tandem Skydive are unusual!

The cost of the jump is the same as usual. You can choose to pay for the jump yourself or pay for it out of the sponsorship money. All we ask is that “as much money as possible goes to charity”.


Random information about Skydiving.

What are the age restrictions? In the UK the minimum age to do a jump is 16. Between the ages of 16 and 18 you will need parental consent. The oldest person I have taken on a tandem skydive was 89 (he was doing the charity jump and raised over £4000 in sponsorship!), however anyone who is 40 or over will need a signed / stamped doctors medical before that can do the tandem skydive.

Why is there a weight limit for doing a Tandem? Tandem Parachutes are designed to carry in the region of 500lbs (35 stones) and overloading them is not good. Most parachuting centres operate a strict weight limit policy. Remember it’s not just you under the tandem parachute. You have you plus your instructor plus the actual equipment.

Weather conditions for skydiving! See our specific page for more detailed information on limitations for skydiving. Keeping things simple the wind limit 20mph and from the jump altitude you need to see the ground. It is worth noting that if you do a Tandem the chance of you jumping on the day is high as (in effect) your instructor is highly experienced.

Why do people jump for Charity? A Charity Tandem Skydive is the same as a normal skydive except the person doing the parachute jump has decided to raise money for charity. A charity jump still costs the same as a normal tandem parachute jump. Some people choose to pay for the jumps themselves and all the money goes to the charity. Other decide to pay for the experience out of the sponsorship money.


Quotes from TSUK's Customers:

Date: 3rd Feb 2013, Name: J Evans:.

I spent 5 years with a little nagging thought in the back of my mind… Tandem Skydiving looks really cool but, could I actually do it? Well I did a Tandem Skydive with Tandem Skydive UK last week and it was amazing! The freefall was indescribable… I cant wait to do it again, and i'm not going to wait another five years…

Date: 16th Feb 2013, Name: K Stephens:

It’s been a couple of weeks since my Tandem Parachute jump… Every time I think about it I think, “I’m crazy”! It was brilliant, thanks you, I cannot recommend Tandem Parachuting enough!

Date: 19th Jan 2013, Name: P Weighell:

The whole day was a total success. It’s not even February and I don’t know how I’m going to better this in rest of 2013! To raise money for my local hospice by doing something amazing was perfect! Skydiving for Charity (charity Tandem Skydives) is a great concept.


Greg's Experience:

On Sunday 1st September I was taken to a surprise location for a birthday treat! As we drove onto an airfield, my girlfriend gave me the good news; “I’ve got you a Tandem Skydive for your birthday”….

The whole process was dead simple, we arrived, checked in, had a coffee then we attended a group briefing where one of the instructors talked us through how it all worked. The humour was great, a real ice breaker!

I had to wait for about an hour before it was my turn, but waiting was good as your got to watch the guys going up and down, and the reactions of the other students faces.

When it was my turn, my instructor (Chris) gave me a jumpsuit then fitted me into a tandem harness. He also told me the colour of the parachute so my girlfriend could watch us from the ground.

We had to wait a couple of minutes for the aeroplane to land before we got on. It was really small, nothing like a jumbo jet… But it was very comfortable as we were sat on the floor, all stretched out. One thing that was strange was we were facing backwards in the aircraft. Chris explained that it makes it easier to get to the emergency exit! The big door we intended fall out of!!

The flight was great, it took about 20 minutes to get to the top. All the way up we sat back and enjoyed the views. Before we got to the top Chris talked my through the skydive one final time, then he tightened up the harness.

I was feeling pretty good until the door opened. However when the door opened all I could hear was my heart pounding! Chris moved us into the exit position. Which involved my dangling outside. Then before I new it we were in free fall!

120mph is quick, the veiw was stunning and I just cant describe how great it fell. 45 seconds skydiving were the best 45 seconds of my life! Then the parachute was open and it was like a half way house, not skydiving and not on the ground, flying but not in an aircraft!

After we practiced the landing position a couple of times Chris let me fly the parachute. So cool! We did some sharp diving turns before he took the controls for the landing. The landing was so easy; we just stood up like stepping of a pavement curb.

The whole process was totally mind blowing. I will be doing it again very soon! My only dilemma is what to get my girlfriend for her birthday!