If you have booked a Tandem Skydive and have any questions, please contact the appropriate skydive centre directly. Contact details are as follows:

Banbury (link).

Peterborough (link).

Beccles (link).

Blackpool (Cockerham) (link).

Darlington (link).

Please remember if the skydiver is 40 years old or over on the day of the jump. The person jumping must get this form (link) signed by their GP. If they do not bring the completed form with them on the day of the skydive they cannot jump.

If the person jumping is between 16 and 18 years old both of these forms: Medical Declaration (link) and Membership Agreement (link), must be signed by a parent or guardian. The person jumping must bring these completed forms with them on the day of the jump.

London Tandem Skydive was a booking agency, connecting members of the public to skydiving centres in England. London Tandem Skydive ceased training on the 15th October 2014. If you have an existing booking you would have received a booking confirmation email. Your booking is still valid and the outstanding balance is payable on the day of the jump (at the skydiving location).

Gift vouchers are deposits for a tandem skydive. A booking confirmation will have been sent by e-mail when the skydive date was agreed (link). The outstanding balance must be paid in full on the day at the skydive centre.